Top 5 The Most Expensive iPhone Cases In The World

most expensive iPhone case

Top 5 The Most Expensive iPhone Cases In The World

Lucky owners of the iPhone sleek new device might be looking for a case to accessorize their phone and keep it safe from scratches and falls. A $5 case from Walmart will do the trick, but others like to splurge on cases with designs and rhinestones, or maybe a $60 Otterbox to keep their phone as safe as possible. For the richest of the rich, however, an even fancier case might be called for. Cases made out of precious metals, embedded with real jewels, or handcrafted from butter-soft leather don’t come cheap, but it’s all worth it to some iPhone owners. Take a look at 5 of the most expensive iPhone case in the world:

5) The Tower Flower Case

This hand-decorated plastic case featured on the craft-selling website Etsy, features a sparkling gold Eiffel tower surrounded by pearly white flowers and gems. Regular women might pay $30 for a case as pretty (and as similar) as this one, but the seller has an asking price of $1495 per case. But if you have millions to blow, why not spend it on decorating your iPhone? Then, your phone will be ready for a first class flight to the actual Eiffel tower in Paris.

4) The Case-Mate Casemost expensive iPhone case

This case also leaves us scratching our heads as to exactly why the price tag is so darn high. The plain white case is made of a hard plastic shell with a silicone lining. It boasts SoundscoopTM technology that redirects sound from your iPhone’s speaker outwards instead of down. Besides that, the only unique thing about this case is your ability to customize it. All that white space can be filled with photos or designs of your choice. Just upload them to the Case-Mate website, and the custom phone will appear at your doorstep – for $4271.

3) Titanium Case from Brikkmost expensive iPhone case

This most expensive iPhone case is made from solid titanium in your choice of “gray stealth,” “platinum,” “gold,” or “black carbon” colors. There’s no attachments or embellishments besides the brand, “Brikk” etched subtlety on the top of the case. This $4430 case is possibly the sleekest you can buy. Plus, the titanium shell has practical protection capabilities. There’s no way your phone can get scratched or bent out of shape in this case.

2) Miansai 14 Carat Gold Casemost expensive iPhone case

For $10,000, your phone can be covered in solid 14-carat gold. There really is no practical purpose to this case, because as an owner, you would be way more concerned about this case becoming damaged than your actual iPhone, which would be cheap in comparison. This case has to be thought more of as a very expensive accessory or a bragging piece, than something that’s going to do your iPhone any good.

1) Dragon and Spider Case from Anita Mai Tanmost expensive iPhone case

The most expensive iPhone case in the world goes to the “Spider and Dragon” case from Anita Mai Tan, which can be yours for $880,000. This case is made of 18-carat white gold and embedded with real diamonds, for a total weight of 32 carats. The attached dragon that clings ferociously to the back of the case might make your iPhone hard to keep in your pocket, but you’d probably want to keep this in a locked glass display, anyway.

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