Top 5 Most Expensive Mattresses In The World:

Most Expensive Mattresses

Top 5 Most Expensive Mattresses In The World:

In this article we will talk about top 10 most expensive mattresses in the world. There are different accessories which are considered as important to be used. In every house, bed is used for the sleeping purpose and there is large variety of beds available in the market. Beds are not complete without the proper and suitable mattresses which provide much comfort to the person sleeping on it. There are different brands which are making bed mattresses for the people of high quality and are made with the latest technology which are sold at high prices. It is said that without a perfect mattress on the bed the sleep of the person is considered as invaluable. There are different studies and researches conducted to create the mattresses with latest technology and designs which requires a proper team of experts in different fields to create them perfectly. The mattresses of best brand are sold at much higher prices because of their designs and the technology introduced in them. These mattresses are not affordable for everyone but only rich people can afford them to get ultimate level of comfort for their sleep and helps to relax from the hectic routines. Some of the mattresses are different from others which can be water mattresses and cool gel mattresses which provide unique benefits and are highly expensive.

The following are top 5 most expensive mattresses in the world with their prices prevailing in the market:

  1. RoyalPedic:

Royal Pedic is the brand which offers mattresses at almost all prices either for the people with limited budget and for the rich people as well. It is further enhanced with the plush pillow top mattress. It comes in the size of 10 inches which is enhanced with the 5.5 inches of cotton candy luxury. It is enhanced with the double number of coils in the middle of it. It has further stuffing of wood and also the cotton shell which is also enhanced with fancy material to enhance the whole look. The normal prices of their mattresses range from $3,000 to $9,296. It comes with the 10 year warranty and much durable and comfortable.

Most Expensive Mattresses

  1. Duxiana:

Duxiana is named as the high class online retailers offering the best bed mattresses to the people. It is basically a Swedish company which is working on different researches and studies to introduce something latest for the people. The estimated price of their mattresses is almost $12,750. Their mattresses are very beautiful, precious and long-lasting. It is said to relieve the back pain of the person sleeping on them and also comes with the degree of firmness. It does not provide any return policy and comes with the 20 year warranty. It is much durable, precious, and comfortable and pain relieving as well. It is little expensive option which is not affordable for everyone but the true depiction of luxurious lifestyle.

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Most Expensive Mattresses

  1. Hypnos:

Hypnos is basically a British brand which comes in the king and queen size. It is considered as the royal British brand offering the best mattresses in the world. The price tag of their mattresses is almost $15,000 which is very expensive one and is highly recommended to be used with the bed of solid gold. It is enhanced with the precious materials and is handmade which has hand stitching done in England. It is made from materials which include silk, cashmere, wool which makes them much comfortable. It has also provided with the Orthos collection which is highly recommended for the back support. It also includes some innerspring beds and also top pillows. It is said to be much durable, handmade and comfortable to be used.

Most Expensive Mattresses

  1. E.S Kluft:

E.S Kluft is the brand which belongs to USA and known for designing the best and unique mattresses. Their mattresses are made with the hand stitching which are further filled with the joma cool, cotton and latex. It also designed mattresses with the hot air flow which are much durable one. It is highly expensive brand and made for the luxurious and rich people which are sold at the price tag of $30,000. It is known for its luxurious look; hand tailored stitching and made with the unique design. It also owns aireloom which is available for the limited budget people which are available at the price tag of $1,500 while rich people can afford the most expensive ones which depicts the class of rich people.

Most Expensive Mattresses

  1. Hastens:

Hastens is named as the world best brand when it comes to mattresses which is made with the golden thread and with the much touch of platinum. It is completely handmade which is made to provide ultimate comfort to the people and is sold at the price tag of $67,000 which is highly expensive. It is made with the unique spring system inn it which is quite long lasting and is made much durable one. The cover of its mattress is made from flax and cotton which is made in Sweden and comes with the 25 year Warranty. It is completely handmade, durable and comfortable one which is quite amazing.

Most Expensive Mattresses

The following ranking of top 5 most expensive mattresses is given according to the price of these mattresses in the market:

  1. Hastens
  2. E.S Kluft
  3. Hypnos
  4. Duxiana
  5. RoyalPedic


Mattresses are very important to be used with the beds and large variety of mattresses is available in the market for the people. Mattresses are made with different materials and their prices differ according to the material used in them. All these companies explained above are known for making the best mattresses for the people that are available at high prices which provides ultimate luxury to the rich and luxurious people. Some brands also provide mattresses for the limited budget people to make them affordable for everyone but are highly precious and loved by the people of the whole world.