Top 5 Most Expensive Refrigerators In The World

Most Expensive Refrigerators

Top 5 Most Expensive Refrigerators In The World:

In this article we will talk about 5 most expensive refrigerators in the world. There are different things which are considered as necessary for every house and no house is considered complete without them. There are different places in every house and kitchen is most important amongst all because all the cooking is done there regarding food. There are different appliances which are kept in kitchen and are much needed as well. Refrigerator is one of the most important things purchased for the kitchen which has now become the basic need of every house. There are different brands prevailing in the market that are offering refrigerators in different sizes and their prices differ according to their sizes. Refrigerator helps to keep the food for much more time in it and they are available in the whole human history. With the invention of latest technology, different features and change in appearance is made in refrigerators to attract more customers towards them. People have large options available in the market from which they can choose according to their budget and the needs of the person because the need of refrigerator is different in every house. Refrigerators are made mostly with the best materials which include pure stainless steel etc which makes them durable for the long time and enhanced with much space in them.


The following are top 5 most expensive refrigerators available in the whole world for the people at different prices:

  1. Flatshare:

Refrigerator is needed for storing the food basically and this Flatshare refrigerator is quite impressive option for the new generation home. It is much latest one and is best thing to be purchased for the kitchen. It is sold at the high price tag of $7,000. It comes in the unique design as compared to other normal refrigerators available in the market and it is enhanced with different compartments for every specific thing to be kept in them. It also comes in the bright colors which enhance the overall look of the kitchen and makes it brighter than before. It is also effective option because of power consumption capacity and the large space available in it.

Most Expensive Refrigerators

  1. Northland 60SSG-SGX:

It is an amazing option to be kept in the luxurious one because of its large size. It provides the capacity to store all the food stuff in the kitchen and comes with the stylish and durable door with it. It comes with the see through windows which provides access to all the items without opening it. It adds much class and beauty to the whole kitchen and its doors are made with the pure stainless steel. It is sold at the high price tag of $14,000. It more looks like a cupboard but is quite effective one because of its size and large space in it.

Most Expensive Refrigerators

  1. Sub Zero Pro 48:

Sub Zero Pro 48 is the refrigerator which is much expensive option which is sold at the price tag equal to the SUV vehicle which is almost $15,970. It is kept completely simple one but enhanced with much stylish design which will attract the buyers towards it. It is made according to the latest fashion prevailing in refrigerators and can organize all the things easily in it. It is made from the pure stainless steel and is large in size that is the reason it is expensive one and worth it of its high price which adds much beauty to the kitchen of luxurious house.

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Most Expensive Refrigerators

  1. Cambus:

Cambus has introduced this refrigerator which comes in the style of the cupboard which does not look like a refrigerator and is sold at the price tag of $20,970 which is also not affordable for everyone. It depicts much class in it and is made with the combination of steel and wood to complete its look. It is enhanced with the large space in it which is the basic need of people at home to keep large amount of food in it for the storage purpose.

Most Expensive Refrigerators

  1. Meneghnini la Cambus:

Here comes the Meneghnini La Cambus is the refrigerator which is very attractive and made in the traditional style. It is available in some customized options according to the needs of the person and people can make it completely customized. It has been given the look of traditional cupboard and with 3 doors and is sold at the high price of $41,500 which is quite expensive and not affordable for everyone. It comes in different colors according to the needs of the people and even people can choose some customized colors for their own house choice and the color scheme prevailing in their house. It is named as the most expensive refrigerator available in the market which is not available for everyone.

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Most Expensive Refrigerators

The following ranking of top 10 most expensive refrigerators in the world is given according to their prices in the market:

  1. Meneghnini la Cambus
  2. Cambus
  3. Sub Zero Pro 48
  4. Northland 60SSG-SGX
  5. Flatshare



Refrigerators are named as the most important electronic product of every house without which kitchen is not considered as completed. There is large variety of refrigerators available in the market at different prices but some of them are very expensive because of their large space and the precious materials used in their making. These refrigerators explained above are very expensive which are not affordable for everyone but only rich and luxurious homes to maintain their standard of living with them and enhance their beauty as well.