Top 5 Reasons Why The Premier League Is The Best League In The World

Premier League

Top 5 Reasons Why The Premier League Is The Best League In The World

The English Premier League – established February twentieth 1992 – is the top footballing division in all of England. It is home to a portion of the best football players on the planet, and also home to probably the most unmistakable football groups and administrators on the planet. As the years progressed, it has played host to battles, issues, stuns and cheats making it a standout amongst the most engaging wearing associations for fans to witness and appreciate.5. On the Pitch Controversies

  1. On the Pitch Controversies

The English Premier League – founded February 20th 1992 – is the top footballing division in all of England. It is home to some of the best football players in the world, as well as home to some of the most recognizable football teams and managers in the world. Through the years, it has played host to fights, affairs, shocks and cheats making it one of the most entertaining sporting leagues for fans to witness and enjoy.From Eric Cantona’s kung-fu kick to Luis Suarez‘s bite, from Alan Pardew’s David Meyler headbutt to Di Canio’s referee rage, the Premier League has always provided laughs as well as great sporting memories. Fans were left shocked January 25th 1995, after Eric Cantona, having just been sent off, suddenly ran and jumped into the crowd, kicking a fan and following it up with a few punches.

Premier League

  1. Record-Breaking Transfers

With all of the money coming into football, it really is no surprise that the most watched league in the world boasts some of the most expensive transfers that football has ever seen. The most recent example is Paul Pogba. Manchester United paid Juventus £89 million pounds to bring the French creative midfielder back to Old Trafford or back “home.”

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Now, £89 million is A LOT of money. So much, in fact, that it could buy you the Luxury Island Resort (approx. £40 million), the Gulfstream G280 private jet (approx. £13 million), 100 new Lamborghini Huracan Spyders (approx. £10 million) and you’d still have £26 million to spend on your heart’s desires. So yes, a lot of money is spent in football and many people dislike and disagree with this, but not everybody understands just how much money is made for these record breaking transfers.

Premier League

  1. European Excitement

Fans from every country in the world love Champions League football. Whether it be because of teams of their own country, or different countries, fans pay money to go and watch football games as the different styles of play clash when footballing giants collide. This is no different in England. The start of this Champions League season saw Leicester City participate in their first outing in top-level, elite European football.

It’s so far, so good for Leicester – they have qualified for the knockout stage, won every game they have played and have only conceded one goal. Fans from up and down the country have been praising the Leicester team on social media as the U.K now continues to root for them.

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Premier League

  1. The Stadiums

The Premier League boasts some of the best stadiums in the world. The largest in England, Old Trafford, home of Manchester United, holds a grand capacity of 75,643. Meanwhile the Emirates Stadium, home to Arsenal, also holds a large capacity at 60,432, while the Etihad Stadium, home to Manchester City, holds another huge capacity of 55,097. The Vicente Calderon Stadium (Atletico Madrid’s stadium), the Juventus Stadium and the Parc des Princes (PSG’s stadium) all hold smaller capacities than those that have been listed.

Those three foreign stadiums are home to some of the biggest clubs in Europe, yet a high number of Premier League clubs put these capacities to shame. Newcastle for example, a now Championship club, have the ground St James Park, at a capacity of 52,354 whereas French giants PSG, who are owned by multi-billionaires, have the Parc des Princes, that contains a mere 48,583. It’s just a fact that Premier League stadiums need to be bigger than that of other teams from other leagues to simply hold the increasing number of fans that continue to enjoy this fantastic league.

Premier League

  1. Pace, Physicality and Style

Every single Premier League club has their own unique playing style that is suited to them. Whether that be Tottenham holding possession and getting nowhere, a Sunderland tactic of hit and hope, or even a West Ham style of passing to Payet and allowing him to do the rest, each club is different.

What is noticeable about the Premier League compared to other leagues, however, is the physicality of the league (although that is being cut down on by some referees). English football is known for the aggression, the hard hitting tackles and the fights. They’re some of the reasons people enjoy the league so much. Let’s be honest, there is nothing better than seeing your club’s centre half absolutely smash the opposition’s striker who’s been diving and complaining the whole game and only picking up a yellow card.

Premier League

Finally, something that has been praised about the Premier League – as well as being a point difficulty for some players – is the pace. Many clubs have signed players that have been fantastic in their own league, perhaps scoring 25+ goals every season – but that league is nothing compared to the Premier League. Here, the centre backs are hounding your every move, they are comfortable with the ball at their feet in their own box, midfielders are constantly applying pressure, attempting to get in to gaps to exploit flaws in a team’s set up, and there is always a striker waiting for any loose passes or mistakes from the goalkeeper or defenders, consistently chasing down every ball, to try and get their name on the score-sheet. You’ve got to be ready at all times to be able to cope with the pace of Premier League football – after all, it is the best league in the world.